My grandmother just passed away. Please read Al-Fatiha and make dua for her. Jazakum Allahu Khairun.

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im grateful for my lowest points because they always lead me back to Him.

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When people say “I can’t help you at this point”…is it another way of saying “sorry, you’re screwed?”

God help me get through this assignment

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Today when I was on the bus after I got out of my last class, I had the weirdest sensation. I don’t know if it was because the bus was too hot/suffocating, but there was a solid moment when I felt like I couldn’t breathe and started semi-panicking. I don’t know why but I was relieved when the bus finally reached campus and I was able to get out.


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I’m just realizing how angry people really are about the video. You have Sheikhs and Imams writing indirect (or direct?) statuses about it. I’m actually shocked at how much attention this got from people who have so many better things to direct their anger towards.

where were your voices when Abu Eesa put up the most sexist and disgusting posts? 

preach girl, preach. I don’t even see what’s so wrong about the video. SubhanAllah, the littlest things we waste our time on.

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Here’s a nice list of things Muslim sisters can do without being criticized:


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اللهم لا تُعلِّق قلوبنا إلا بك.


O Allaah don’t attach our heart to anyone except for You.


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Seen in Central Park