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Regardless of our religion, race, color and beliefs let’s not forget the people of Palestine. Let’s include them in our prayers. This is about humanity, this about us being human who have a heart that cares, mind that thinks and soul that cries for every single innocent children being killed without mercy, for every woman being raped, for every elderly being killed helplessly, for the boys being tortured to death, for the parents who lost their little angels, for the sons and daughters who witnessed how their parents die. And for every single person in Palestine affected by the Israelites attack who lost everything, their families and homes.
A minute of prayer will not cause you any harm. So, i’m begging you, please do offer a prayer for the people of Palestine. That’s the only thing we can do as for now. Prayer is the best above all.

After 20 days is it now that I realize how much of Ramadan I wasted this year. Ya Rab allow us to see the value in the remaining blessed days of Ramadan this year and make the most of it, ameen.

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Please make du’a for our brothers and sisters in China who are facing severe struggles as the rest of us celebrate this Holy Month. Muslims in the province of Xinjiang are being forbidden from fasting and partaking in other Ramadan activities. They are not permitted to follow God’s command so pray to Your Lord on their behalf. May Allah grant them patience and victory.

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Ramadan is already almost over and I haven’t made the most of it at ALL. Time to buckle down during these last ten days, inshAllah.

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❝Every night in the month of Ramadan, Allah, the Blessed and the Exalted, calls out three times: “Is there anyone who seeks from Me so that I grant him his wish? Is there anyone who turns to Me in repentance so that I may turn to him (in Mercy)? Is there anyone who seeks forgiveness from Me so that I may forgive him?”